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Arvada Police Roll Out a New Fleet


Soon, Arvada residents will see several new police vehicles on the streets as 15 of the department’s  marked patrol vehicles are replaced with the Ford Police Interceptor Utility.


“Because Ford had announced it would no longer produce the Crown Victoria model currently used by the department, we made vehicle replacement a focus area of the department’s 2011 long-term business plan,” said Police Chief Don Wick. “We also knew we wanted to take advantage of the new technologies and reliability that have emerged recently in police vehicles.”


After a 12-month research process involving a dozen members of the Police and other City departments , the Ford Interceptor Utility was selected.


“We looked at all the manufacturers and conducted extensive evaluations, but ultimately the Ford Interceptor Utility offered the right combination of safety, economy, performance and durability,” said Commander Lee Pinover, who lead the team in selecting a new vehicle.


One of the new technologies featured in the Interceptor Utility vehicle is blind spot and back up sensors and a rear-view camera system.  Because of the secured back seat area of police vehicles, it is often difficult for officers to see when backing up. These new technologies will help make the vehicle safer for officers and likely reduce city costs for occasional backing accidents. Other advances include All-Wheel Drive, electronic stability and traction control systems.  


An additional benefit of the new vehicles will be a significant improvement in fuel economy over the current fleet.


While the Ford Interceptor Utility may look similar to the Ford Explorer, the only thing that is the same is the sheet metal used for the vehicle body. The vehicles are built specifically for police departments with robust drive trains, electrical and heating/cooling systems - all of which are designed for the rigors of police work.


“Investing in these new police vehicles will allow us to more safely and effectively serve the citizens of Arvada which is the ultimate goal of our department,” said Pinover.


The new patrol vehicles will roll out in approximately 4-5 weeks. The complete fleet of patrol vehicles will be replaced over several years.