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Arvada Police Receives Info About Possible Bogus Lottery

A potential Canadian lottery scam almost tripped-up an Arvada man, and now the Arvada Police Department is sending out a warning to be aware of the tactics being used by an apparent bogus organization.

In late November, an Arvada police investigator received information that an Arvada resident was sent a letter from Canadian customs. The one paragraph notice confirmed that the man was a prizewinner with the International Lottery Commission.

The group enclosed a check, which was to be deposited in the recipients account and would later be used to pay for “necessary fees.” The organization would then access the person’s bank account to use the money to pay the fees associated with the apparent lottery.

As with any lottery, you should not have to pay any fees to obtain the prize. Also, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

An information report was taken regarding the incident, and police are unsure how many potential victims have been targeted. If you’ve received a similar note or responded to the notice by depositing the check you are encouraged to contact your local police department.