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Arvada Police Offer Coyote Hazing Class on March 4

WHO:              Arvada Animal Management Officers


WHAT:            Coyote Hazing Workshop


WHEN:            Monday, March 4

                        6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


WHERE:         Oberon Middle School
                      7300 Quail Street
                     Arvada, CO 80005


WHY:              With more open space backing up to our urban environment, human/coyote

                        encounters are becoming a frequent occurrence as these wild animals

                        adapt successfully to this new habitat. Learn how you can effectively

                        manage our co-existence in this one-hour class offered by the Arvada

                        Police Department’s Animal Management Unit. Learn what to do when

                        you encounter a coyote, how to discourage their approach and what

                        devices can be used to effectively ‘haze’—a method that discourages

                        undesired behaviors or activities – coyotes. 


                        Please RSVP to or by calling 720.898.6850.