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Arvada Police Host Community Meeting for 64th and Ward Rd Residents


Nearly two dozen Arvada residents took part in a community meeting held at the Faith Bible Chapel on Thursday, January 17, 2008.

Members of the Arvada Police Department held the meeting to discuss the tragic nature of three high profile crimes occurring in the area of 64th and Ward Rd. since July of last year.

Part of the meeting concentrated on overviews of the murder at the Burger King restaurant, the three teens killed in a car crash at 62nd and Ward Rd., and the Youth With a Mission shootings. General crime statistics for the area of 64th and Ward Rd. were also presented at the meeting.

Questions were asked about a traffic signal being installed at 62nd and Ward. Patty Lorence, a traffic engineer with the City of Arvada, reported that after extensive analysis, the Colorado Department of Transportation plans to place traffic islands (informally known as ‘pork chops’) in the area.

Another question focused on the inability of the city’s “reverse 911” system to access cell phones and VOIP services. It was relayed the database provided by a company called Intrado relies solely on listed land line telephone numbers; therefore, if you use a cell phone or the Internet as your phone service provider, you will not be contacted via reverse 911. That being said, Intrado recognizes this issue and is working to develop solutions to resolve this technological gap.

Finally, Arvada Police Chief Don Wick advised people to remain vigilant in their daily lives. He asked citizens to keep their eyes open and report any suspicious activity to police.

“It’s critical that we continue to foster the strong partnership between the Arvada Police Department and the community, and one way to insure this is by citizens contacting the police if they see something out of the ordinary,” said Chief Wick. “Don’t hesitate to call the police. We would rather contact someone and confirm they aren’t committing a crime rather than respond to the area after someone has been victimized.”