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Arvada Police Employees Honored at Awards Ceremony

American Legion Post #161 – Officer of the Year

Officer Chris Miskimon

Promotion Recognition

Sergeant Stacy Jarvis


W. Michael Northey Scholarship Recipitents

Mark Gafari & Caitlyn Miller

Police Citizen Commendations

Megan McMillin

In recognition of her lifesaving actions in performing CPR on a man who had stopped breathing.

Kevin Wild

In appreciation of his willingness to provide assistance to police officers responding to a situation involving a barricaded suspect on November 22, 2007.

Serenity Salon

With great appreciation of their exceptional support of Ralston House through their successful fundraising efforts.

Police Citations

Animal Management Officer Jan Reynolds

In recognition of your compassion demonstrated toward an Arvada resident in need of assistance following an injury as a result of a dog bite.

Police Commendations

In appreciation of their outstanding dedication and professionalism demonstrated as Field Training Officers with the Arvada Police Department.


Officer Ron Avila, Detective Anthony Baros, Officer Pat Hirsch and Officer Noah Rolfing

In recognition of their exemplary actions in identifying and arresting two suspects responsible for more than $120,000 in damage to an Arvada business.

Susan O’Brien

In recognition of her exemplary actions demonstrated in response to a fellow dispatcher experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency in the Communications Center.

Special Recognition: Youth With a Mission

Police Citations

Deputy Jacki Kelley—Jefferson County SO
Deputy Jim Shires—Jefferson County SO
Paul Lillagore—KATV
Commander Kathy Foos
Inv. Dennis Huner— Jefferson County SO
Sgt. Mark Arnold —Jefferson County SO
Lt. Brad Vredenburgh—Jefferson County SO


Police Commendations

Victim Advocate Debbi Bromley
Victim Advocate Karen Graves
Victim Advocate Karen Dowell
Victim Advocate Deb Hamilton
John Hamilton
Victim Advocate Roseann Niemeyer
Dr. Steve Thomas
Victim Advocate Jan Therkildsen
Victim Advocate Nancy Reed
Victim Advocate Vicki Lyons
Victim Advocate Lydia Rice




Medals of Meritorious Service


PIO Susan Medina

Dispatcher Marie Candelairo

Dispatcher Michelle Hofmann

Dispatcher Kiersten Keeler

Dispatcher Traci Reuter

Dispatch Supervisor Jim Monson


Medals of Distinguished Service


Deputy Matt Britt
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Andy Dillman
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Luke Ingersol
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Justin Isom
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Sean Joselyn
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Earl Knowlton
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Steven Pike
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Don Roach
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Kevin Schwindt
Jefferson County SO
Deputy Marc Snowden
Jefferson County SO
Officer Dan Ames
Officer Steve Anders
Officer Ron Avila
Officer Katherine Herrlinger
Officer Pat Hirsch
Officer Brian Laas
Officer Dustin LeDoux
Officer Chris Love
Officer Pat Meester
Officer Luke Rippy
Officer Noah Rolfing
Officer Brian Thome
Officer Dave Thornton
Sergeant A.J. DeAndrea
Sergeant Jeff Orndoff


Officer Steeve Anders

Officer James Armstrong

Officer Ryan Brown

Officer Mike Bruno

Officer Dave Curtice

Officer Steve Erholm

Officer Greg Guzman

Officer Joe Hertel

Officer Josh Hotchkiss

Officer Scott Jarvis

Officer Eric Kellogg

Officer Joe Lane

Officer Kevin Lewis

Officer Tony Lima

Officer Patrick McCloskey

Officer PJ McDonald

Officer Patrick Meester

Officer Scott Regan

Officer Todd Regan

Officer Chris Rivera

Officer Andrea Schleser

Officer Alan Stephens

Officer Melanie Thornton

Officer Kevin Westbrook

Officer John Zubrinic

Detective Anthony Baros

Detective Clint Burhorn

Detective Myles Heivilin

Sergeant Stacy Jarvis

Sergeant Jeff Orndoff

Sergeant Kelly Sheehan