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Arvada Police Create Homeless Resource Guide & Public Service Annoucement


The Arvada Police have created a new resource brochure for the City’s homeless and, in an effort to educate the community on the initiative, have created a PSA for Arvada residents.


“Over the past few years, we have seen increases in the periodic contact that our officers have with homeless people,” said Arvada Police Commander Lee Pinover. “We wanted to approach the issue in a compassionate way while enforcing the laws in our community.”


Officers carry the brochure in their vehicle for when they encounter a homeless person. The brochure includes practical advice for their current situation, informs them of ordinances that risk being violated as a homeless person such as park curfews, open containers or littering laws, and finally provides a list of resources for them such as shelters, food assistance programs and medical, rehabilitation and mental health facilities.


“We want to make sure our homeless population is aware of the resources available to them that might improve their situation.


“However, it is also important to communicate about these efforts to other Arvada residents,” said Pinover.


For that reason, the Arvada Police Department created an accompanying Public Service Announcement (PSA) which can be seen on the department’s web site, Facebook page, YouTube and Channel 8 television station.


The two-minute PSA explains the content of the brochure and why the City decided on its approach to the issue.



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