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Arvada Liquor Licensing Investigator Retires


For 26 years with the Arvada Police Department, Carla Bennett’s work ethic, enthusiasm and exemplary performance has made a tremendous impact within the community.

As the department liquor licensing investigator, Bennett performed a variety of duties, including: conducting detailed background investigations for liquor license applications, criminal investigations based upon violations of Colorado liquor law, providing assistance and training to licensed establishments and their employees, and acting as a liaison to the Arvada Liquor Licensing Authority.

“As you read the letters of thanks and praise written about Carla throughout her career, it is apparent she has made a significant difference in this community,” said Chief Don Wick. “The public may not know the specifics about Carla’s work, but they should be aware Arvada is a safer place because of her efforts to ensure businesses with licenses to sell alcohol do so in a responsible manner.”

Education was a key ingredient to Bennett’s success. She authored the “Street Officer’s Guide to Liquor Enforcement,” the monthly newsletter “Drinking it In,” and the comprehensive booklet reviewing liquor laws “Liquor Enforcement Training Guide” all of which are invaluable tools for both the police department and licensed establishments.

As part of her education efforts, Bennett coordinated “Compliance Checks for Sales to Minors” otherwise known as “stings” to ensure businesses weren’t serving alcohol to minors.

“It wasn’t out of the ordinary that there would be zero violations observed during Carla’s compliance check events. This was due to her thoroughness in educating businesses in the city,” said Deputy Chief Gary Creager.

Bennett retired in June and plans to spend her time traveling, mountain bike riding and volunteering in the community.