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Arvada City Hall Evacuated While Bomb Squad Investigated Suspicious Car


The Arvada City Hall complex at 8101 Ralston Rd. and the United States Post Office facility across the street at 5885 Allison Street were evacuated for more than four hours on the morning of  November 10 as police investigated a suspicious incident.

A postal worker spotted a man get out of a 1986, tan-colored, 4-door Chrysler hatchback with a duffle bag and walk away from the car that was parked in front of the City Hall complex just before 7:00 a.m. Observing something suspicious about the driver's actions, the postal worker called the Arvada Police Department to report the information.

Arvada officers investigating the scene observed two tanks in the back of the car.

Based on the suspicious circumstances, emergency officials made the determination to evacuate City Hall and the Post Office, and to establish a large perimeter around the City Hall facility. The Jefferson County Bomb Squad was called in to determine if the tanks were part of some type of explosive device

The Arvada Police Department made a reverse 911 call to residents in the neighborhood surrounding City Hall to keep them informed of the situation, and to ensure them that they were not in danger.

Parts of West 59 Avenue, Ammons and Balsam streets were closed while the bomb squad conducted its work.

Using robotic equipment, members of the Jefferson County Bomb Squad were able to breach the vehicle and later made the determination that the tanks posed no threat to the community.

At the same time the Jefferson County Bomb Squad was concluding its investigation, the owner of the vehicle called police to let them know that he was the owner of the car. He indicated that he had dropped off his girlfriend to conduct business at the Arvada Police Department, and getting tired of waiting, grabbed his duffle bag from the car and walked home.

The owner of the car told police that he uses the tanks for glass blowing work. One of the tanks was a large propane tank while the other was a settling tank used in welding.

At this point, the owner of the car is not facing charges in relation to the events of the car being left at City Hall; however, the car's owner, Jason Tretteen, DOB: 11/3/1978, of Arvada was taken into custody on a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence.

Jason Tretteen is currently being interviewed at the Arvada Police Department and will be taken to the Jefferson County Jail later Thursday afternoon.