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Arrests Made in Car Break-In Spree, Nearly ½ of Car Doors Unlocked

Two people were arrested for allegedly breaking into a handful of vehicles in the neighborhood surrounding Foster Elementary School in early June, 2010.. 

The types of items stolen in the six reported car break-ins included electronics, cash and other items. In a handful of the car break-ins in this latest string of trespasses, the doors of the vehicles were unlocked

“Car break-in incidents are not seasonal as we have seen a consistent number of this type of crime in the city each week,” said Commander Aaron Jacks of the Arvada Police Department. “Officers are making arrests in some of these incidents, but by locking the doors on your vehicle and avoiding leaving anything of value inside, citizens minimize their risks of becoming victims of this crime of opportunity.” 

Other car break-in prevention tips include:

  • If you park your car outside, take valuables such as CD player faceplates and garage door openers with you. (There have been several cases where individuals steal a garage door opener so they can enter the garage or home to commit other crimes.)
  • When away from home, park car where it is visible to you. Try and park in well lit areas at night where there is a lot of foot traffic.
  • Report suspicious activity in your neighborhood to police at 720-898-6900.
  • Maintain a list of serial/model numbers of valuables such as your electronics. Keep the list in a secure location in your home.
  • Don’t leave cords to your electronics in your vehicle. A cord means electronic devices might be stashed in the car and could increase your chances of someone breaking into your vehicle.

The good news is First Degree Criminal Trespass incidents are down 7% in the first half of 2010 compared to 2009. 

First Degree Criminal Trespass Incidents in Arvada

2009 2010 Change
January 67 43 -36%
February 50 65 30%
March 50 43 -14%
April 45 51 13%
May 58 48 -17%
Total 270 250 -7%

Arvada Police Fast Fact:

In looking at statistics for the first six months of 2010, nearly half of all car break-ins involved unlocked car doors.