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Acclaimed Artist Captures Heart of Arvada Police Department on Canvas


What do rock music icon Carlos Santana, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and the Arvada Police Department have in common?

They have all been featured on canvases painted by internationally renowned artist Malcolm Farley.

Farley, an Arvada resident, creates extraordinary art pieces using his brilliant style of implementing bright colors to not only capture the energy of a subject but the emotion as well.

"Because the market for quality police officers is extremely competitive, we believe it has been imperative to create a brand to identify the Arvada Police Department from the hundreds of other law enforcement agencies recruiting today," said Commander Gary Creager of the Arvada Police Department. "The brand shows potential recruits that the Arvada Police Department is dedicated to character, integrity, honor, courage and commitment embodied in the slogan 'Super Heroes Are Real.'"

Creager shared the concept of Super Heroes Are Real with Farley who then let his imagination create a stunning piece of art.

"No matter where your spirituality or faith lies, there is a need in the secular world for boundaries. The goal of a great Police Force in a community is to uphold these boundaries and educate its inhabitants on the value of following these guidelines.

"The painting represents both to me, in the gentle 'nudging' of a child towards the 'light,' and being on the scene when persons fall into harm's way when these barriers are violated to an extreme," said Farley

In broad strokes of color, three scenes are depicted in the piece: a S.W.A.T. officer preparing to handle a critical incident; an officer aiding a young child; and yet another officer is offering guidance to a young girl.

"As the light in the painting portrays, a great police officer should be a humanitarian, a beacon of light, emanating the qualities that create respect. Respect is earned by a continual, constant, positive handling of all the issues that confront a community and its officers on a daily basis. The City of Arvada and its Law Enforcement team reflect this. I am proud to live and raise children in a community where they serve," said Farley

Farley's painting will be used in a variety of ways to help ensure that Arvada Police Department recruits new officers representing its core standards of character, integrity, honor, courage and commitment.

While the Arvada Police Department commissioned the work, Malcolm asked only a nominal fee because of his strong ties to the community in conjunction with his support of the Arvada Police Department. 

You can see Malcolm Farley's canvas in a display case located just outside of the police lobby at City Hall.


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