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Public Safety Volunteer Application

The City of Arvada does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or any other status protected by law or regulation.

To submit an Volunteer Application, please fill out the form that follows. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required to submit the form. Please note, police volunteers must be graduates of the Citizen Police Academy

Applicant Personal Information
Applicant Employer Information
Applicant Education Information
Skills and Training Information
Applicant Availability Information
Applicant References (Do Not Use Relatives)

First Reference

Second Reference

Third Reference

Other Information

It is a normal part of Arvada Police Department procedure to perform checks on the suitability of new personnel due to the nature and sensitivity of the work. The standard is equally applicable to volunteers. A polygraph examination is required to volunteer as a Victim Advocate and for volunteers who will have access to the department's records management systems.

If you provide false or incomplete information during the Volunteer Application Process, this may be grounds for disqualification.