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Police Salary & Benefits

Salary Range (2013)

  • Police Officer: $4861.04 to $6668.55/per month. Candidates with prior law enforcement experience may be hired at a level within the range pursuant to lateral entry guidelines.
  • Police Recruit II: $4463.54/per month.
  • Police Recruit I: $4325.52/per month.

Non-certified applicants are hired as Police Recruits until successful completion of the academy and the Colorado P.O.S.T Examination. 


Vacation Accrual (sworn) 

  • 1-4 years: 9.33 hours/month (max accrual 224 hours)
    5-9 years: 10.66 hours/month (max accrual 256 hours)
    10-14 years: 12.66 hours/month (max accrual 304 hours)
    15 + years: 14.66 hours /month (max accrual 352 hours)


  • 96 hours per calendar year

Health/Dental/Vision Insurance

The city offers two health plans administered through Cigna Health Care.  Single and family coverage are available. Dental and Vision insurance are also available.


The retirement system for police officers is a self-directed money purchase plan. The city matches the officer's contribution to the plan.

Sick Leave

Sick leave accrued at 8 hours/month with a max accrual of 1040 hours. 

Work Hours

10-hour/4 day work week (Patrol and Investigations); 8-hour/5 day work week (Administration).


The City provides uniforms for its police officers, including footwear and body armor.  Officers are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of their service weapon.

Dry Cleaning Services

Paid by the city for sworn officers and uniformed civilian employees.