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Organizational Values and Core Competencies

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Vision Statement:

Continuing to Build a Great Community

Organizational Values

The City's Value Statements describe the way we work.

We will provide quality service through commitment and responsiveness.

We will accept ownership for our actions and decisions.

Open Communication
We will openly listen and share whole and complete information.

We will value each person for their thoughts, opinions, diversity, and personal needs.

We will be solution oriented with flexibility, creativity, and new ideas.

We will be truthful, dependable and fair in all actions.

We will work together in a shared responsibility of service.

Personal and Professional Enrichment
We will acknowledge and encourage individual development and personal well being.

Core Competencies    

The City's Core Competencies work in conjunction with the Values and describe the basic character traits and innate capabilities we seek in our employees.        

Effectively Manages Relationships

  • Relates to all individuals tactfully, from front line to top executive
  • Draws out the best in people
  • Acts decisively when faced with tough decisions
  • Acts fairly
  • Allows talented people to do their jobs
  • Recognizes individual contributions
  • Encourages and praises others
  • Recognizes and utilizes untapped talents
  • Establishes strong collaborative relationships
  • Seeks solutions that benefit the whole rather than the individual
  • Hires well

Communicates Effectively

  • Encourages direct and open discussions about all issues
  • Clearly articulates all areas and all subjects
  • Listens to individuals at all levels
  • Listens whether things are good or otherwise
  • Is willing to speak up

Demonstrates Leadership

  • Exhibits a positive, open, and realistic view, even in the face of adversity
  • Promotes strategic view and vision consistent with the City’s mission
  • Acts as a role model
  • Is flexible and adaptive when dealing with others
  • Acknowledges and values different backgrounds and perspectives
  • Pursues, responds to, and uses feedback effectively 

Is Self Aware

  • Uses humor appropriately and has a positive sense of themselves
  • Listens to new ideas and methods
  • Appropriately prioritizes tasks based on organizational objectives
  • Accepts responsibility for actions and words
  • Is self disciplined and energetic
  • Balances life and work

Demonstrates Ethics and Integrity

  • Is consistently truthful, honest, and trustworthy
  • Is consistently accountable for words and actions
  • Is consistently approachable
  • Exemplifies honor

Demonstrates Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

  • Looks beneath the surface, tests the validity of information
  • Analyzes complex situation and can reduce it to the simplest terms
  • Appropriately observes people, events, and things
  • Develops solutions that effectively address obvious underlying problems
  • Seeks opportunities and identifies threads and trends
  • Shows good judgment in decision making
  • Willing to disagree and still commit
  • Offers innovative ideas
  • Acts when others hesitate
  • Takes calculated risks when it is in the best interest of the organization
  • Gathers information to make decisions

Effectively Values Diversity and Inclusion

  • Fosters a welcoming environment for all employees and citizens
  • Acknowledges and values different backgrounds and perspectives
  • Actively learns from the experiences, viewpoints and perceptions of others
  • Refrains from using, and speaks up when witnessing, offensive jokes, derogatory comments, or stereotyping when discussing customers or co-workers
  • Withholds judgment while treating co-workers and customers fairly, inclusively, and respectfully