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Application Process

Arvada Police Department  hires eligible candidates who are:

  • Out-of-state lateral candidates with at least three years of law enforcement experience to be able to meet Colorado POST acceptance or
  • Current Colorado POST-certified officers 
  • Entry-level candidates
  • and have obtained a bachelor's degree or better in any field of study. 

Applications are accepted on-line and also from the City of Arvada Human Resources Department, 8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO  80001. 

Police candidates must complete an application from the City of Arvada web site at and clicking on the View All Jobs link. All information must be completed on the forms.  Applications may be rejected if application is incomplete or if partial packets are submitted. All applicants should read the disqualifications page for anything that might eliminate their eligibility.

If not selected in an application process, the applicant must wait one year to reapply unless your status has changed to Colorado-certified or lateral candidate.

The City of Arvada requires that all police officer applicants hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in any field of study. 

When hiring new recruits, the Department will accept applications from college seniors in their final semester of their degree program. 

Women and minorities encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact Officer Patrick McCloskey at 720-898-6671 or Officer Greg Miller at 720-898-6663.


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