Water Treatment

Water Treatment

In a normal year, the City treats and delivers over six billion gallons of water annually using the Arvada and Ralston Water Treatment plants (RWTP).

The RWTP is the main water treatment plant. It operates all year long and can treat 36 million gallons per day. The RWTP receives its water from Denver Water Board's Moffat Tunnel System.

The Arvada Water Treatment (AWTP) is only used for peak flows, normally April - October, and can treat 16 million gallons per day. The AWTP's source of supply is the Arvada / Blunn Reservoir which receives water from Clear Creek and Ralston Reservoir.

Both treatment plants use the same treatment process:

When the water enters the plant, a coagulant is added which allows impurities in the water to clump together forming a floc. The water then enters several large chambers where it slowly circulates, allowing the large floc to settle out and is removed from the water. The water is then sent through mixed media filter beds consisting of layers of gravel, sand and anthracite for the final cleaning. The water is adjusted for proper pH, disinfected, has fluoride added, and is then sent into the distribution system for delivery to our customers.

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