The 2010 Census is Here!

The 2010 Census is In Our Hands!! 

The above screen shows Arvada's participation rate in the US Census, which will be updated daily through a direct link with the Census Bureau as they continue to recieve Census forms.  Arvada is currently in the Top 50 cities in the nation with populations of 50,000 or more!    Help us stay there.  See Arvada's position and the other 50 Top participation cities at the Take 10 Challenge Map.

See the link to the right:  Be Safe.  Be Counted.  This is important information about what to expect from US Census workers who may come to your home.


Why is the Census important?


The Census is important because complete and accurate Census data is critical to our ability to serve the people of (city name). The data helps us identify our population and their needs and allows us to secure our share of federal funding to meet those needs.

Who does the data help?

Everyone! Over 200 agencies make their funding allocations based on Census data.  Examples where Federal funding is allocated include educational agencies; Head Start programs; Women, Infants, and Children (WIC); public transportation; road rehabilitation and construction; and emergency food and shelter.


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