Tai Chi at Majestic View Nature Center

Redirect the stress of life into something smooth, nourishing and strengthening. This Tai Chi is adapted from the Sun form which means that it is slow, easy flowing and centering. There are no big moves or deep knee bends. We will move our Tai Chi classes inside the Nature Center for the dark days of winter. When the weather gets warmer in the spring we will move back outside and bathe in the majestic view. Patricia Douglas is certified through Tai Chi for Health Institute. Register early for these classes!  720-898-7405.

Tai Chi I (8 weeks)
Mondays, January 9-February 27, 6:45-7:45 p.m. Adults. $80
This is the beginning class, introducing you to the first movements of the basic form.

Continuing Tai Chi (2 different sessions, each one is 8 weeks long)
Mondays, January 9-February 27 and again from March 5-April 23: 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Adults. $80 each session.
This class is for people who know the whole form. Deepen and refine your practice,
integrating body, mind and breath. Enjoy increased energy, focus and all of the health
benefits that Tai Chi has to offer.

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