Service Line Roots

Maintenance and care of the sanitary sewer service lines from the home up to and including the connection to the City’s main sewer line are the responsibility of the homeowner.  Therefore, it is important for homeowners to understand the steps they can take to help prevent sewer backups, as well as what to do if a backup does occur.  The City of Arvada does not cut, clean or televise residential service lines.

If you experience slow draining or a plugged line from your home or business, call the Wastewater Division at 720-898-7770. (After 3:30 P.M. or on weekends, call 720 898-7820) and we will check the City’s main sewer line. If the problem is not in the City’s main sewer line, you may need to rent a sewer service cleaning machine, or call a plumber or drain cleaner to clean your service line.

If the problem turns out to be roots, it can usually be controlled through cutting and clearing of the roots and periodic chemical application. Treat the service line with a chemical containing the active ingredient dichlobenil.  This chemical does not damage trees; it only kills the roots in the line.  This chemical can be purchased at most hardware stores under a different brand name. CHECK THE LABEL FOR CONTENTS.  Do not use Copper Sulfate.

If you choose to contract with a plumber or drain cleaning company:

  • Check references and price quotes from different companies.
  • Ask for information regarding the warranty period for work being performed. Get this in writing.
  • Witness the work being performed.
  • Should your service line need to be televised, request a copy of the video inspection for your records.
  • For any recommended service line repair or replacement, seek a second opinion before signing any contracts to proceed with the work.

Should you choose to do so, you can schedule an appointment with the City of Arvada Wastewater Division to view the taped video inspection. We will provide an unbiased, second opinion concerning problems found in your service line.
In addition to roots, grease and paper products can also cause service line backups.  To avoid these problems, do not dispose of grease or food waste through a garbage disposal or by pouring it down the drain. Additional items such as paper towels, hygiene products, diapers and old rags should also be placed in your trash and not in the sewer system.

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