Property Taxes and You

What percentage of the City’s budget comes from property tax?

The answer might surprise you:  only about 7% of City revenues come from property taxes.

The bill shown below is an actual property tax bill from 2006, payable in 2007, on an Arvada home with an assessed value of $219,690.  Of this $1,632.38 bill, the City received only $75.38.  If you reviewed the answers to our City quiz (quiz on page ____, answers on page ____) you will see that this would pay for approximately 1/3300 of one traffic signal, or 1/2500 of the amount of sand and salt needed to plow streets during an average winter season.

The remaining dollars go towards Jefferson County Schools ($857.50), Jefferson County government ($425.82), the Arvada Fire Protection District ($165.81), the Apex Park and Recreation District ($97.24), and Urban Drainage and Flood Control ($10.63).

Over half (51%) of the City’s revenues come from sales tax.  Shop Arvada, help local businesses, and support the services you have come to expect from the City of Arvada including police protection, streets and park maintenance, and so much more.

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