Keep Our Water Safe, Dispose of Medications Properly

Keep our Water Safe, Dispose of Medications Properly


Recently, there has been increased national attention on trace amounts of medications found in the drinking water supply. While it has not been an issue here, some water utilities in other parts of the country have higher levels of pharmaceuticals in their source water and are now examining what, if anything needs to be done to remove them. The detection is due, in part, to improved technology that allows us to see much smaller levels of contaminants than ever before. As officials at the American Water Works Association have said, “Just because our telescope is better, it doesn’t mean there are more stars in the sky.”

Nevertheless, keeping our water clean and safe is a top priority at the City of Arvada, Utilities Department, so we regularly monitor the water quality to ensure that when you turn on your tap, you are getting the best water around.

In the meantime, there are things you can do to help. If you use any prescription medication, here is how to dispose of it safely:

  • Do not flush medications down the toilet or put them down the sink drain unless the label or accompanying patient information specifically tells you to do so.
  • To dispose of all other prescription medication, take it out of its original container and mix it with cat litter or coffee grounds. Put that mixture in a sealable bag or container with a lid and put it in the trash. Cross off any identifying information on the prescription bottle and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Check with your pharmacist to see if they will take back your unused medications.
  • Take your unused medications to one of the planned DEA sponsored Drug Take Back events.

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information on disposing of used medications see the links in the related links section.



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