Human Resources

Linda Haley

Linda Haley
Director of
Human Resources


Employment Verifications
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Responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective work force, acts as internal consultant to other departments in areas of employee relations, manages benefits program, and provides training opportunities.


The City is a service organization offering its customers public safety, infrastructure development and maintenance, quality of life services such as the arts and parks, and other governmental services.  The key to making this organization successful is the people providing the services.  The City’s Human Resources Department (HR) is responsible to help recruit, retain, develop, and support the people delivering these services.  We establish and maintain an effective work force to meet the needs of the citizens of Arvada.  We serve as an internal consultant to other City departments in all areas of employee relations, and we assist departments in promoting and fostering professional growth, teamwork, pride and leadership throughout the organization.


Vision:  Developing the Foundation for a Great Organization

The Mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide strategic partnership, workforce management and development services to all City Departments so they can have the healthy, engaged, high performing workforce they need to achieve their operational and strategic results.

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