Fire Hydrant Flushing Program

What is the purpose of the Utility crews flushing water out of the fire hydrants at high volumes?

There are numerous reasons for flushing water from the fire hydrants in the water system. Testing the hydrants to ensure they’re working properly, expelling air from new lines or recently repaired water lines, or a maintenance operation called “System Flushing.” System Flushing is done to expel the sediment, or minerals that settle to the bottom of our water mains and help in maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing water supply to our customers.

How often does this flushing occur?

It takes three years to completely flush the entire water system. Currently the City is divided into three somewhat equal parts with 1/3 being done per year. These flushing operations are typically done in the summer months.

When I get discolored or cloudy water what does this mean and who should I call?

Generally speaking the dirty or brownish looking water is caused by some sort of maintenance or construction operations in the area that has stirred up sediment in the water main lines. The milky or cloudy looking water is typically from air in the water from construction work. Neither of these conditions is cause for alarm, but should be reported to the Utilities Department at 720 898-7760 or after hours, weekends and holidays at 720 898-7820.

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